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Live Q&A Webinar – Solo 401k & IRA LLC

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September 29, 2022 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm Pacific Time Zone

Whether you already have a Solo 401k or IRA LLC or are considering setting one up, please join this live open discussion to discuss your questions as well as learn from the questions submitted by other community members.

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  • Bring your questions to the LIVE webinar
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  • Email your questions to [email protected] – please put the word “Question” and your name in the subject line.
  1. Asking a question and really hoping i can attend tomorrow to get the answer…if it would be better to schedule a consult please let me know:
    1. I have $233K in a 401K from my current employer of 20 years that is not performing well….i really want to get this money and into something more stable. The only person this plan is benefiting is the servicer! How can i get it out? My plan has no terms for in-service distributions and i don’t want to quit my job. Can I take a hardship withdrawal for my primary residence, use it to pay down my loan to reduce my monthly payment, then take out a loan against my house to make my and my spouse maximum contribution to my 401K? Are there other/better ways to do this? I want to get my money somewhere where it can actually work.

    In addition to the 401K, I also have a corporate pension that my company has announced they are dissolving/selling/etc. So I will have an option for a lump sum distribution early next year but have no idea how much it’s going to be or how to estimate it.

    2. Assuming i’m getting started in real estate investing…my goal is to establish a $1.5MM portfolio in 20 years, and, i’m 20 years from retirement. In addition, both my in-laws and my parents are getting in advanced years but also want to do some real estate investing. What is the best corporate structure to 1. keep earnings/investments separate, and, 2. minimize inheritance tax implications?

  2. New member, not Married. Im curious about the basics of investing in my plan.
    What are amounts for different account contributions?
    What are deadlines for employer vs. employee contributions?
    How to optimize pre tax vs roth contributions for tax purposes?
    Please gloss over Mega backdoor Roth process. I have innate fear of including all of my income into retirement. Cant help but think the IRS will wonder how I am living if I show no take home pay. Thoughts on this?

  3. I will be working as an independent IT contractor/sole proprietor in Japan. I’ll be paying taxes to Japan as I’ll be living there. I’ll then claim the Foreign Tax Credit on my US taxes. How can I qualify to setup a solo 401K with this scenario? Any expats find a way to do this?

  4. I would like to move my existing Solo401K to your plan. I am currently contributing to a $20,500 to a workplace pre-tax 401k. I have some 1099 income from a side gig. My understanding is that I am maxed out for employee contributions but I can contribute some amount through the self employment income as employer (pre-tax) and also some on an after tax basis which I can move immediately to a Roth account (Mega back door). Am I missing anything? The main reason I want to switch is to take advantage of after tax contributions which my current plan does not allow.

  5. In a multifamily syndication that is assuming a fixed rate non-recourse loan, a solo 401k is typically allowed as a passive investor (LP). Are other roles in a syndication allowed to use a solo 401k to invest such as a non-managing key principal (KP) who do not have any direct management responsibilities? If the KP is not a guarantor, does that change any aspects?

  6. If I get sued, is my Solo 401K in jeopardy?
    For example, if a plaintiff sued me because he fell and broke his wrist while on my investment property, which is titled in my Solo 401K, could he potentially get an award from a court which would award him my remaining Solo 401K funds?
    Or are there other situations where someone could legally get money from my Solo 401K?
    I understand that the Solo 401K is a Trust. But do I need to do something more so as to protect it from lawsuits?

  7. I saw your YouTube video about using a Solo 401K so as to purchase real estate with a non-recourse loan. Thank you.

    However, could I also do this:

    1.) From Solo 401K, make a loan to my LLC per the terms of a new Promissory Note.
    2.) In LLC, purchase a piece of real estate using the loaned money from the Solo 401K. The property therefore gets deeded to the LLC, not to the Solo 401K.
    3.) Have the LLC pay back the loan from the Solo 401K in accordance with the details of the Promissory Note.