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    Richard Howell

    I have $300,000 in gold that I purchased in the last 18 months with my personal funds as a personal hedge. Now I realized that I should have purchased this and held in my Solo 401k instead. Is there anyway for me to transfer these holdings to my Solo 401k? I would not be personally benefitting from the transaction as I would sell/transfer it at the regular market price that I would receive if I sold elsewhere so not looking to benefit by making any sort of personal profit. The alternative is for me to sell and ship all the gold to a dealer and then repurchase and receive the same amount of gold in the Solo 401k and in doing so I would have to pay a dealer premium again of 7.5% ($22,500) which I would not have to pay or jump through all this hassle if I can transfer my existing holdings to my retirement account. Thank you for the feedback!

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