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    David I.

    You are currently the custodian on my Solo 401K.

    I wish to now open an IRA-LLC and have some questions on properly filling out the IRS EIN form for an IRA-LLC formation, and do you have templates for a compliant operating agreement for an IRA-LLC?

    On the IRS EIN, can this be done on their online application? Or should it be done on the paper form SS-4?

    I’m unsure of what the ‘type of entity” should be selected (section 9a) and reason for applying (section 10), as well as box 16 (principal type of business) and if I should designate myself as 3rd party entity and if that address and phone can be the same as the address and phone from the LLC Entity name in box 1-6).

    Additionally, do you offer a template operating agreement for an IRA-LLC?

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